Flood Zone Information




Title 15​ is the FNSB flood plain management ordinance. New construction or other development in the special flood hazard areas of the borough requires a Floodplain Permit​. One of the principal concerns is that new construction is elevated to the proper height in order to minimize flood loss.​  

Floods and flooding are the most common and costly natural disasters in the United States. Floods present a natural hazard that affects some borough residents year round and can jeopardize public health, safety and welfare.

​Flood hazards are a fact of life in the FNSB. On October 5th, 1965, one year after the borough was incorporated, residents voted to adopt flood control powers. Thus began the formal floodplain management efforts of the borough. Two years later, in August 1967, the historical flood of record occurred as a result of heavy summer rains. This severe flooding disaster re-emphasized the importance of wise planning and construction decisions when dealing with a potential flood hazard as well as careful pre-disaster awareness.

The borough joined the NFIP in 1969 and remains committed to increasing the overall awareness of flood hazards in the FNSB and to improving permitting compliance for new construction occurring in the floodplain.

​​No. Policies​Total PremiumTotal Coverage​Total Paid Since 1978Total Claims Since 1978
FNSB​778​$633,724​ $193,824,000 ​$2,035,404220​
​State of Alaska2,849​$2,506,621​$728,907,000​$9,562,891​621

(Source: NFIP as of December 31, 2015)

These statistics illustrate why it is important for the borough to continue monitoring new development in the floodplain by ensuring construction standards are met. Without such monitoring and regulatory oversight, the NFIP policies noted above would not be possible. In addition, mortgage financing would be difficult, if not impossible, for any properties located in a flood hazard area because of the lender’s requirement for flood insurance.